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A Summer in Florida

March 20, 2018
By Anonymous

Florida waves of heat gather once again
Acting as if this is their home and rightful den
They mercilessly attack tourists and natives alike
And don’t even stop for the poor little tykes

These waves of heat are bands of thieves
Stealing full happiness and placing utter grief
Being here is like being inside of a burning oven
Not exactly something you’ve be love'n

After a long day
Of being consumed by a blaze
Sour looks and sweaty faces
Subsequently are what stays on a daily basis

Although Florida summer’s look more bad than good
They do hold fond memories of my childhood
Sopping wet water balloon fights in the midday sun
And endless prune-fingered pool days made for lots of fun

Whooshes of rollercoasters as they go by
Caws and quacks of seagulls as they fly high
Are just a scratch of the surface of what can be adored
In the Sunshine state of Florida, a place that’s hard to ignore

The author's comments:

It was created to tell of the state of Florida in which I grew up and the many characteristics it holds as well as the many memories it creates for the people living here. 

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