To The Person Who Will One Day Make Me Happy

March 20, 2018
By Taylorrweirich GOLD, Temperance, Michigan
Taylorrweirich GOLD, Temperance, Michigan
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Emotions are my worst enemy

So please just bear with me
I will cry over and over but not everyday
So please just give me your shoulder so my head can lay

For if you don’t then my world will be bewildered
And I will have no option but to be withered
If PMS is not bad enough
This is worse than rougher is rough

For with me life is not always bad
But for I am human and I have the right to get mad
I hope I am not losing you
For I am not one who wants to sing a blue

Positivity is to come
So now is your last chance to run
For if you do I will probably hate you
But I have the right to because I am not the one who betrayed you

Smile is something I hope to do often
But my smile I kind of want to put in a coffin
Hopefully you can change the bit
Because you’re the one the that will create it

For when that time of the Month is near
You will probably be filled to the brim with fear
I will constantly want to change everything
Sprees will make me want to go shopping

I will probably be obsessed with you
But I swear I am not a stalker too
Just don’t lose my trust
For everything I just said would be a bust

So To  The Person Who Will One Day Make Me Happy
I will love you as long as you love me

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