March 20, 2018
By DarkAbyss BRONZE, Royal Oak, Michigan
DarkAbyss BRONZE, Royal Oak, Michigan
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What makes life worth living?
Is it the challenge to succeed?
Not in my eyes though
I see it as
We drift day to day on a constant
Trying to find a will
A reason,

Something to grab on to, for life
Some people it's a mate
Others it's money
But there’s that very slim few who search for happiness…
Then you realise, none of it matters
It doesn't matter what you do
What you get
Or what you have
Because in the end you're dead

April 25, 2016
That’s when I realized it doesn't matter
My uncle passed that day
A kind, gentle, caring father passed that day
He was happy and had a fair life
But it didn't matter
It doesn't matter
He was taken from us
He died
He’s dead
We all will follow
We all will die

The author's comments:

Is about a really rough time in my life.

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