An Ode to the Strict Right hand

March 20, 2018
By YoungShakespeare33 SILVER, Miami, Florida
YoungShakespeare33 SILVER, Miami, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
“Manners maketh man”

you have given me pen and paper and told me to write

you have showed me the only path i need to be on is Success

oh, right hand you have open my eyes to the joy of reading  

you have taught me what it is to be a gentleman not a thug or a hood rat

you have set my mind to say what needs to be said and write what you can't say out loud

right hand you have shown me  the right way to release my troubles onto this world with my voice, and pen, and paper

you taught me in the way of the ninja to be patient but to be quick and smart in judgment

you have embedded in my DNA to be compassionate, smart quick and to be a leader  

to have strict right hand

You have given me the tools in need in life 

a lifetime supply of paper and pens and a mega phone and a list of books to own in my library

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