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March 20, 2018
By behind.a.mask BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
behind.a.mask BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
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I’m stranded.
Stranded in the middle of the ocean with nothing around and no one to help me.
And there’s this weight
This incredible weight I can feel starting to grow, and grow, and grow.

I tried to swim, I really did,
But it was hard, so very hard, like swimming through tar as it starts to harden.
And there’s this weight
This incredible weight that’s pulling me down, and down, and down

And the incredible weight that is pulling me down,
Its pushing on my chest, squeezing my lungs like a snake constricts its prey.
There’s nothing here with me.
No boat, no land, no predator nor prey,
Only the sun is my companion.

And even it stares at me with its magnificent light,
As if mocking me with its warm, welcoming rays as I try to keep afloat in the harsh waters.
The cold stabs at my skin like hugging a porcupine for hours on end

And I tried to swim,
I swear I tried but it was just so hard
The weight was pulling my down, pressing on my chest and making my limbs heavier and heavier.

The magnificent light from sun starts to dwindle from my vision.
I look up only to see a sheen of water blocking my sight.
Oxygen begins to slip from my grasp
Creating bubbles that swirl and encompass me.
A momentary distraction from my problems.

I know I should try.
For me, for my friends, my family, but
I’m just so tired.
I tried so hard to stay afloat, to win the fight,
But I don’t think I’m strong enough.

Im content now,
To continue to sink down forever until it ends.
Help isn’t coming and it never will.
For no one truly cares enough to notice I’m not there.

The weight of my thoughts are an anchor,
Growing heavier and heavier each day.
And I don’t know when the last of my air will leave me,
But I do know that it could very well be today.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece because I struggle with intense anxiety all the time and while I don't feel like I suffer from severe depression, there are times tahat I feel that way. Somethimes Are way worse than others though and during one of those times I felt like I needed and outlet for my emotions

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