Dear Future Me

March 18, 2018
By rachelm10 BRONZE, Cascade, Iowa
rachelm10 BRONZE, Cascade, Iowa
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I pray for you each and every day,
that you follow your dreams and you don’t go astray,
that your heart stays pure and your mind stays steady
for the day you can finally say “I’m ready!”
Then you’ll go off and give the world your all,
even when you feel like all you do is fall.

I pray that you will change the world one step at a time
and always help those who are waiting in line.
For food, for inspiration, whatever it may be, you will be there and then they will see
that this life they’ve been given, it’s important, it matters.
You’ll teach them that all they have to do is climb their big ladder.
Then they will see, just as you do, that although life may be tough and they just want to cry,
all they have to do is simply try.

I pray that you fill the world with your contagious smile

even if it is just for a while.
Because that smile, it shares your pride and sorrow
and helps you to conquer another tomorrow.

I pray that your journey is meaningful and long
and that with each day, you sing a new song.
You laugh, you listen, you relax, you love
and you never forget that your God is above.

This is my prayer for you
each and every day.
Now go live your life,
it will all be okay.

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