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Poor Boy

March 18, 2018
By RishikaSharma BRONZE, Belle Mead, New Jersey
RishikaSharma BRONZE, Belle Mead, New Jersey
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Poor boy
Has to pick up and go 
But poor boy doesn’t know
His teeth remember me
But he’s caught off guard
He breaks his teeth on my heart
He settles and slinks into the wound
He never thought I’d be gone so soon

Poor boy
Has been killing for sport
Thought I’d speak
after I’d been gored
His breath hitches in shock and I know
I should fork my tongue
For spoiling him with honeyed words.

Poor boy
Smiles all wide when I walk by
but see the corners of his mouth
twitch, and fold over itself
Out of the edge of my eye
watch him yield to a smokey gasp
and trembling hands

I’d have vulgarized my feelings
For him by opening
them to him so much
And now, poor boy
Pointing to where it hurts
Wordlessly asking me to kiss it better

Poor boy
Doubles into silent softness
And a flinching self preservation
I’d like to press a kiss into your temple
brace bloody knees and try again
But it’s more fun to watch you
Hailing absence as a religion
Hailing goodbye as the new I love you


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