Candle Light

March 17, 2018
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Candles are so beautiful,
don't you agree? Those
flames sway for the two of us
smiling light balances with- shadows

follow me, they don't say who they are,
no names or if they're young or old,
when I go to the theater, they whisper
the ending in my ear before the plot- unfolds

like paper revealing wrinkle lines,
your words are those of a tongue
who didn't hear the clocks tick tick tick
I could've sworn I was still -so young

when I saw homeless men crying
on subway cars and bandaged wrists,
we grew up around so much pain, no wonder
tear stained lips are the ones we love to -kiss

me with sugar so sickly sweet
that I forget the grapefruit in your teeth,
the sugar high distracted me
from this reality with bitter -underneath

my floorboards there are so many words
but my chaotic thoughts have no handles
to hold them in place, where was I again?
Oh, that's right, I really love candles.

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