doesn't matter

March 14, 2018
By Zoom7 PLATINUM, Joliet, Illinois
Zoom7 PLATINUM, Joliet, Illinois
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I know I said it didn't matter.

I go left,

You go right,

I'm on Hiding Drive,

You're on Listening Court,

Inside I am dying,

Inside you're living.

On the outside I am okay,

On the outside you're great.

I am all alone,

You’ve got everyone,

I am scared inside and deep.

I know I said it didn’t matter.

My stomach is doing summersaults,

But you wouldn't know, princess.

You have your perfect lunch,

I've got bruises,

You've got solutions.

I've got painful endings,

You've got beautiful beginnings.

I know I said it didn't matter,

But it matters to me.

A  piece of me left.

It didn’t matter to you.

You are all whole.

I hate you,

I love you,

Along going battle.

Can I call you a friend?

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