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The Unkown

March 14, 2018
By Buckshot4917 BRONZE, Jerome, Idaho
Buckshot4917 BRONZE, Jerome, Idaho
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Favorite Quote:
When the sun rises and the night goes dark, it is a new Day to start something amazing. (Me)

The Never understood are here

They are roaming this earth waiting

They wait to be helped

They wait to be loved

And they wait to be cared for by someone

They are not realized as people

They have no hand to hold

We don’t think in correct ways

We have a deep understanding of others

An understanding so great we can look at a stranger and know who they are

But We never fully understand what actually goes on around us

We never actually understand that people care

And We never fully understand what our purpose is

But I ,as one of those people, understand that we must take the gift of knowing and understanding and embrace it

This is what we must do

The author's comments:

This relates a lot to me, an I hope it will to you to.

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