A Page Torn

March 14, 2018

Ink stains on a torn page
The notebook still recounts
Pen pressed
Against her white flesh,
Rash cuts to murder words
And commas instead of fullstops.

Eloquent cursive caress
The notebook has it all etched
Against her very next page
She cherishes the undying imprints
Of the paper she fostered
In walls of her blue cardboard.

A rip,it was all gone
Ink stains on a page torn,
To take flight like an airplane
Drown a Titanic near the sea shore
Make love to a poet's pen
Or end up in the next garbage can.

The notebook grows old
To a cracked spine
Thankless fading lines
Blue paint chips off it
With margins overwritten
On 49 pages
An ode to 26 letters
The 50th,
Embodies a runaway vagabond.

Love is still imprisoned
In the remnant edges
Of a page torn
Out of a blue notebook
I own
Flip to the next page
Experience a life lived
In those very ink stains.

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