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Beautiful Day to Change Minds

March 14, 2018
By Baean BRONZE, PLainfield, Illinois
Baean BRONZE, PLainfield, Illinois
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Desolate and dangerous 

Loaded with omens 

No way injured  

The caravan of the arts was dark 

Therefore mysterious, it set up mysterious responses 

Regarded from behind the white window curtains 

I was caught 

Piles of dry dead cedar branches 

Burned and dreadful look 

Pipeline to prophecy 

But it is difficult in this frightened time 

Running to get away 


Strong impulse to stay 


I vote to stay and you vote to go 

I went into a state of flight 

I stopped near a thicket of dwarf like  

The short chuckling bark 

It wasn’t Romantic nor a mystic 

More and more impossible 

I came on an amazement 

Light poured slantwise 

The boundary between east and west 


It was so beautiful it dazzled 

by the clarity of the light 

Landscape shouted with color 

Trapped in color 

Far from being frightful 

Lovely beyond though like the stars were close 

Night was friendlier than the day 

Hear the excited cackle of the branches 

I wouldn’t have the night catch me here 

 I can't explain it

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