A Beautiful Change

March 14, 2018
By Joselyne Sanchez BRONZE, Plainfield, Illinois
Joselyne Sanchez BRONZE, Plainfield, Illinois
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Bad Lands was mysterious

It's a work of an evil child 

Dry, dangerous, desolate in this land

Wouldn’t want the night to catch you here

Pipeline to prophecy

The feeling of unwanted

Not welcoming humans

People who don’t belong here

Afraid and having fear 

Bad Lands was dreadful

That afternoon everything changed 

Brightly at night

Not just dark

It glowed at night

Trapped in colors

Beautiful and lovely

Differently than the day time 

Burning branches and barking coyotes at night

Friendlier at night 

Easily driven back

Bad Lands is Good Lands at night

The author's comments:

I'm a 8th grader and I'm 13 years old. This was an assignment for ELA class and this is the poem i did. It was very difficult to come up with a poem but i did it. 

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