March 14, 2018
By ChickenNoodleSoup BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
ChickenNoodleSoup BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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The scorning burn 
That plagues your inner soul
The unwelcoming arms
The cynical watch over you
The strange felling on your checks
Uncomfortable entrance to a new place
A dangerous environment
A almost critical
A unforgiving place
The unsafe location
The Getting Used To
The new-found prophecy of the land
A change for the mystic
The nostalgic feel
Unlike no other vibe in the sky 
The amazement I felt with the suns glowing eye
A heartwarming experience
The adaption of theses bad lands
A chance for a change
A new atmosphere
A new-found love
The Realization
The almost romantic air
The mystic vibe of the eye
The amazement the sunset gave me
The change of a beautiful land 
My shinning Rocinate’s
The heaven like shine admitted
The holly turn of events
A moment wonder
The fresh, natural day
Natural valley bars can't even compare


The author's comments:

This peice is inspired by Travels With Charlie also it is inspired by My social studies teacher Mr.Madigan with the Nature Valley Bars. This peice of literature is very descriptive and detailed to how he was feeling in the poem about the bad lands.

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