March 14, 2018

The scorning burn 
That plagues your inner soul
The unwelcoming arms
The cynical watch over you
The strange felling on your checks
Uncomfortable entrance to a new place
A dangerous environment
A almost critical
A unforgiving place
The unsafe location
The Getting Used To
The new-found prophecy of the land
A change for the mystic
The nostalgic feel
Unlike no other vibe in the sky 
The amazement I felt with the suns glowing eye
A heartwarming experience
The adaption of theses bad lands
A chance for a change
A new atmosphere
A new-found love
The Realization
The almost romantic air
The mystic vibe of the eye
The amazement the sunset gave me
The change of a beautiful land 
My shinning Rocinate’s
The heaven like shine admitted
The holly turn of events
A moment wonder
The fresh, natural day
Natural valley bars can't even compare


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