March 16, 2018
By creativewriting3 PLATINUM, Hartland, Wisconsin
creativewriting3 PLATINUM, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Love against hate, forever at war.
Hate is the problem today–not white against black or straight against gay.
Hate is the problem today–not guns against kids or men against women or left against right.
Hate is the problem today–it spreads in ink around the world.
Love will fix today–sometimes it’s challenging or against the norm.
Love will fix today–not calling to action or pointing of fingers.
Love will fix today–not a new iPhone or the Kardashian’s scandals.
Just love will fix today–just its compassion, respect, and optimism.
Just love will fix today–just its white canvas eaten up by ink.
Just love will fix today–soon the white space will be gone, but then it will just be too late.

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This is an entry for the Ink It poetry contest

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