Post-Writer's Block Reflection

March 15, 2018
By nanimomilani BRONZE, Pearl River, Louisiana
nanimomilani BRONZE, Pearl River, Louisiana
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ars moriendi

I miss those fleeting thoughts

I had written down on scraps of paper

But lost them in transitions

Pieces of myself

Crumpled and abandoned

There's not many parts of me that I miss

I miss places

I miss people

I miss experiences

I don't miss my past selves

I don't miss rock bottom

I don't miss being a victim

The one part I wish I could recover from the damage

Is my passion for creating

Pure, raw, genuine emotions

Thinking with no limits, no worries

A constant flow of imagination 

Always moving

Never stagnant

That was back when I thought the world wanted me to win

But life has taught me a different lesson 

And now

I've learned the world doesn't want you to win

Because it doesn't know who YOU are 

And many are okay with that

They settle into theit cookie cutter lives

Never exploring

Never thinking

Never learning



I've wasted too much of my time

Too many moments

Too many memories

To ever stop moving

I know we've heard it all before

"I'm going to change the world!"

Maybe, just maybe 

I'll be one of the few

Or maybe I'll be one of the many that fail

Or maybe I'll start small

And change my world

My perspective

I'll never get back those pieces of scrap 

But I did rummage through my debris

Pass broken hearts and shattered self image 

And found my passion

Sitting there like hope at the bottom of Pandora's Box

I can't think of a more perfect analogy

The author's comments:

This is my first complete piece since having writer's block for years. 

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