March 14, 2018
By AnneLackey BRONZE, Stowe, Vermont
AnneLackey BRONZE, Stowe, Vermont
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An abandoned arch sits over forgotten regal.
The rug which gowns once dragged over,
Now wildlife prances over.

The light dances through the arch,
Illuminating the marble tiles.
The deer's hooves click softly.

Atop the marble sits more marble.
A singular table in the foyer,
Marble top with golden legs.

The deer do not need gold.
So it sits intact.
Memories of the past untouched.

On the table sits a porcelain vase.
Blue and gold winding together.
Her bodice filled with flowers.

Cobalt, carmine, and roseate carnations twirl around each other.
Leaning over the vase,
Petals covering the table top.

A doe approaches,
Sniffing for her mother.
No mother in sight she stops to admire the flowers.

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