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Shadows and Starlight

March 25, 2018
By Jessica_Rose BRONZE, Odessa , Florida
Jessica_Rose BRONZE, Odessa , Florida
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The night is sweet and warm,
filled with the sticky scent of expensive
perfume and cheap liquor.
People are more interesting at night.
The darkness provides them with
a sort of shield,
which allows the exact mystery needed
for them to become the
dreams of themselves which constantly lurk
in the backs of their minds.
The night gives people the idea
of retiring quietly to their beds
when all is said and done
and to forget,
if necessary,
the person they were the night before.
In the morning
the iridescent light of day
beats down upon their brows
so others can scrutinize and watch
for the smallest of social discrepancies.
It’s far too dangerous
to break the barrier between
obligation and truth
in the light of day.
People say alcohol changes one’s behavior
you could get just as drunk on
Shadows and Starlight
as you could on
Gin and Champagne.

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