What's My Mistake

March 25, 2018
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What My Mistake tell me god.
If don’t like me punish me with sword.
You are father of nature.
Very intelligent human’s creature.
You create us and we create so many things.
They don’t live but we are human beings.
They function with computer we depend on brain.
They want battery we eat grain.
What My Mistake tell me god.
You give me birth in mom’s tummy.
I forget u, enjoy life as so much yummy.
You give me birth on earth for praying you.
In front of all people why I forget you.
What My Mistake tell me god.
When I was praying you why I felling odd.
Tell me what’s problem my lord.
You are father of nature you creates it.
What I can do briefly explain it.
You create human why human create religion.
Why there is caste and race discrimination.
Where there is problem tell me god.
Creation we done with your help are eco-friendly give best result to human.
Why your creatures damage humanity & threaten to women.
So many creatures you create are the saints of earth.
We are so glad to you to give them birth.
Please send the creatures which are good hearted nature.
Don’t send the creature like me which hated your nature.
Nirmal wants peace and happiness on the earth.
Please god explains the goal of taking birth.

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Minu said...
today at 6:44 am
Awesome lines....too gd
Arsh said...
today at 6:25 am
Beautiful lines
Rahul said...
today at 2:15 am
nyc lines keep it up
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