The Story Of Us

March 25, 2018
By Tizzy13 BRONZE, Grand Blanc, Michigan
Tizzy13 BRONZE, Grand Blanc, Michigan
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Beauty begins the moment you choose to be yourself.

1 year ago
You and I met

11 months ago
You carved my name into your wall

10 months ago
We had a campfire and you looked at me with a look of real love

9 months ago
You gave me a family

8 months ago
I came home to you waiting for me

7 months ago
We fell asleep on the hammock together

6 months ago
You took me out for my birthday

5 months ago
You asked me to dance with you

4 months ago
We enjoyed the small things

3  months ago
You began to drift away towards something that wasn’t me

2 months ago
You belonged to someone else

1 month ago
I cried

I’m so close

The author's comments:

This piece is very personal to me and is about my ex who I miss more than anything after a relationship of 8 months ended as our one year would have been a few days ago.

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