March 24, 2018
By sanjanakonda7 BRONZE, Orlando , Florida
sanjanakonda7 BRONZE, Orlando , Florida
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It has been elusive for days.
Rainbow, come paint your colors over the sun’s rays.

Red, crunchy apples that are picked, hot chilies that add spice.
The rainbow’s first color symbolizes love and life.

Grinning, orange pumpkins, the soft hues of the harvest moon.
The rainbow’s second color can grant us, our every boon.

Yellow lemonade that quenches summer thirst, a blinking traffic light.
The rainbow’s third color is such a refreshing, remarkable sight.

Green poison ivy, endless cups of healthy green tea.
The rainbow's fourth color is paradoxical, so tread carefully.

Blue jays flying above, gigantic whales swimming below.
The rainbow's fifth color gives off a feeling -  so mellow.

The deep, indigo midnight sky, the American Flag beautifully streaming.
The rainbow's sixth color is very mystical with no true meaning.

Playful, violet sea urchins lolling in the waters, yummy grape jelly.
The rainbow's seventh color sets a happy flurry in my belly.

Close your eyes and come fly with me,
Let us sit in the clouds while we share some glee.

We can jump onto raindrops and slide down rainbows,
Let us try to see the myriad colors through our telescopes.

It is far more magical than it seems,
Let us run away and follow our dreams.

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