Are we just alive?

March 23, 2018
By Foxine BRONZE, Corinne, Utah
Foxine BRONZE, Corinne, Utah
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Humans are weak, broken creatures
Seeking solace from those we hope
Aren’t as weak and broken
Or pushing people away
Hoping, praying that they
Won’t see our weakness

Are we just alive?
Seeking ways to be happy,
And finding temporary answers
To permanent problems.

Are we just alive?
Hunting for something we can never have,
Searching for something permanent
In this sea of change.

Are we just alive?
Hoping that there are people out there
Less flawed, less broken people.
People that can fix us.

Are we just alive?
Finding that the only people who can fix us are ourselves
Finding that maybe, our flaws, aren’t flaws
But details in our design, adding beauty
To our broken pieces, and sound to silence.

Are we just alive?
Gathering our broken pieces
And putting them together again
With bricks of our soul and
Mortar of hope and thought?

Are we just alive?
Helping others put themselves together again
Using smiles and words to build
Ourselves up, not to knock ourselves down.

Are we just alive?
In an ocean of change
With lifeboats made of the
Broken pieces of lives that float by

Are we just alive?
Standing tall, in our floating city
Made of broken things and lost dreams
But we are standing tall
Because this is our city, and each day
Someone builds their own boat

Are we just alive?
No. We’re more than just alive.
We’re more than just alone.
We’re together in a broken world,
But the cracks form art, and
The art forms lives.

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