March 23, 2018
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The scars lined her legs and her sides and each arm,
The only way she could cope was with self harm,
Everything hurts but that is okay,
She has grown use to feeling this way,
Every single day she had a smile,
But she’s been in pain for such a long while,

He laid his head down to keep his tears out of sight,
No one knew that he didn’t sleep at all last night,
The screams that he screamed when no one was home,
The thoughts that crossed his mind when he’s all alone,
But no one knew that he felt this way,
All the words he’ll never say,

But one night She decided that enough was enough,
And he grew too tired of coming off as tough,
They were both tired of being strong,
Everything anymore just feels wrong,
Will someone reach a hand out to one or the two,
Before their lives are finally through,

But that’s the thing when you’re too good at lying,
The same thing goes for when you’re too good at hiding,
No one will notice when you’re upset,
Because their version of reality and yours have never met,
Unfortunately it is impossible to fix ourselves,
Especially when you place all of your feelings on prioritie’s highest shelf,

Each memory will result in a scar,
These memories stick as if they were tar,
The words that engraved these marks on our skin,
The red eyes from when a sleepless night wins,
Everything hurts but that it is okay,
I have grown use to feeling this way,

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