March 23, 2018
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I trusted in all the people that told me I could trust,
They told me that trust in this life was not an option it was a must,
So I trusted as if I had nothing to lose,
But poor, young, innocent me ended up with a heart with a bruise,
So I never trusted after that,
After being stepped on like a doormat,
Everyone thought I still did,
But I stopped trusting as a small kid,

I realized that the screams would never stop sounding,
And my sore heart would never stopped pounding,
Even though everyone told me soon I would be okay,
I realized the lie in all that they say,
And soon I became just as good at lying,
I hid the mind inside me that felt like I was always dying,
So I went on as if nothing was wrong,
And only at night would I write another song,

The funny thing is everyone has a point were they break,
For there is only so much that everyone can take,
So when a hand reached out to me,
It was as if I could finally see,
Everything hurt I said I was okay,
I have grown use to feeling this way,
But that doesn’t mean that these feelings don’t grow old,
So I decided why not be bold,

So I trusted and I felt so bad,
I couldn’t bear for anyone to see me sad,
But maybe just maybe you’ll be that one friend,
That will know my list of secrets till the end,

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