What Is Love?

March 23, 2018

I love you
The words my mother says before I close my eyes

Love you
The words my father saId right before he left
And I stIll wonder where the missing I went

I love you
The words that come up every tIme I see you

But do I love you?
What is love?

When I see you My hand trembles as I lIft It to fIx my haIr
My heart beats fast and
I feel my stomach turn red In the Inside
But the real question is will It last?
Not us,because there Is no us
Not love,because I don't know If It Is love
But the feeling, wil thIs unknown feeling stIll be around

I love you
The words you eventually word out

I have always loved you
The words you say to give me a rationale

I love you too
The words I want to say but...
Do I love you?
Why do I love you?

Am I in love with your eyes ?
Your lips?
Your hugs?
Possibly everything?
Or do I feel in love because you make me feel loved?
Just those tiny flirt actions made me feel like you wanted me, so, I made you feel like I was all yours
So that a little later you could text
Love you
While giving someone else the same feeling you gave me and the same words
Which is not love
Because I may not know what love is but,I know that when there is love that feeling is mutual
Now I also know that
I love you
Love you is not the same

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