Why Talk About Somebody?

March 23, 2018
By BY14ratchet BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
BY14ratchet BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
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My Dad always tells me to be careful who I hang around with
And that those people you hang with don't know what they missin'
Truth be told I didn't really listen

But I know that I should have
Because I used to have people that I would call my friends
And now I know that the people you call your “friends” aren't actually your friends
But instead, they are just  acquaintances

Look at yourself now, being mocked and getting talked about isn't so fun, isn't it?
And you have no right to get mad at them because, in reality, this is all your fault
You started this by trying to make those friends
But what you should have done was stayed to yourself

I just wanna say that you shouldn't be focused on trying to make friends or trying to be cool
Because the so-called friends that you do make will sneak diss
And talk about you like their better than you

And you can't do anything about it because you're too caught up in your depression
Also combined with the 8th-grade classes so your stressin’
So why talk about somebody because that just builds up all of the aggression?

Then things start to get messy
And that depression turns to anger
And that anger turns to hate
So why can't we all just be peaceful so then things like that don't accumulate?

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