March 23, 2018
By IanOConnor BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
IanOConnor BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
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I am not confident

I have bad judgment

I'm bad, it's evident


But there is a thing called improvement

I might have a solution

Jeez, it's hard to rhyme


I could start an organized crime

Get money full time 

I'll be in my high prime


I've lost everything, my wife,

my car, even a chance at a real life

So I start to cry


Don't worry I'm just cutting onions!

I'm cutting them by the dozens

I have an abundance


I'm starting to itch

These onions are making me twitch

EEE I cut myself, son of a! ... gun


Sorry about that

I dropped the onions, they went splat

Oh well, I'll leave them for the cat

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