Unsteady Scaffolding

March 23, 2018
By psy126 BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
psy126 BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
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I have faced so many struggles in such a short time
The real world doesn’t phase me anymore
But to defeat corruption I showed loyalty to my values
Through every storm that wrecked my life, one by one

So I never forgot
Where to place the scaffolding while I was building up once again,
My tower of stability on my solid foundation of morals

Important lessons I’ve learned to make this process easier each time
Is to always have confidence
But more importantly, keep a level head and have common sense
Don’t let pride ruin opportunities for success
And humble yourself with gratitude because you are blessed

I quietly and hesitantly walked through that darkness
Surrounding my life, and it caused my tower to come crashing down
But when I placed my scaffolding, once again
I learned to wake up motivated and walk with a fixed purpose

I conclude:
Some recognize hardship and cower fearfully
Others are born to succeed against all odds
And others simply smile at the world’s beauty
When the beauty they see, is only a facade

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