I know myself

March 23, 2018
By Anonymous

              I’m loud
I can be frightening
But I’m sweet

I’m an extrovert
I’m crazy
But I’m under control

I’m free
Sometimes too free
Aloud to be to crazy

I’m Intense
I’m up front and forward
But I’m a good listener
                                                                       I’m loving
I’m comforting
Yet I seem so scary and overwhelming

I’m abrupt
I’m up close
But I'm closed off

I’m loud
I’m sweet
I’m a liar
I’m crazy
I’m intense

But I’m me
And no one's gonna change me

I’m brutally honest
Yet honest enough to say
If you don't like me,
I don't care

I’m gonna keep being me
And the people that I  bother
Won’t bother me.

The author's comments:

This poem is what i think of when i think about myself. I tried to describe myslef as well as i could. I hope it'll show people that its okay to like yourself, but that doesnt mean that you're self centered. 

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