Time, and a couple more dreams

March 23, 2018
By Anonymous

When pigs fly
I will be able to fly too
But when will pigs fly
I don’t know

This brings up a meaningful topic,
What will be possible,
When the time comes?
How long will it take?

We never realize the good
The good of time and progress,
The good of many world-wide problems.
How long will it take?

Imagine if,
Time was the only thing to conquer world hunger
World peace,
But all time has to be spent wisely.

Lastly, what will still exist in space of new things
There is only a finite amount of matter in the universe,
That being a metaphor that the world can only hold so much,
Would diversity still be thing?
How long will it take?

The author's comments:

I realize that many things don't happen that much or at all. What does it take to meet these things? Time is a very valuable resource.

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