I Lived

March 23, 2018
By Anonymous

I have been broken, like shattered glass
I have been pure as fresh fallen snow
I have been through storms that lead to rainbows
I have been down roads that took me to dead ends

I have seen things I wish I could erase from my brain
I have seen two ships crash together in a thunder storm
I have seen humanity at its worst
I have seen humanity at its best

I have been with many,
Loved by few

I have loved many
I have hated few

I have laughed as loud as hyenas
I have smiled brighter than the sun
I have screamed louder than a new born baby

I have gone days with nothing
I have tasted the earths fresh fruits

I have grown,
Like an oak tree

I have been deeper in emotions
Than the bottom of an ocean

I have had good days
I have had bad days

I have lived
I have survived

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