The Cross

March 22, 2018

I have been with it since my communion Given as gift by my Poppy When we first came together And it was put around my neck I thought it was nothing but a cross Once my Poppy passed on I now saw my Poppy and my cross in a different way I now saw my Poppy in that cross Now I wear it everyday I truly believe my Poppy is in my cross watching over me Helping me decipher right from wrong Guiding me on the path that he strived to put me on. I love my cross, I love my Poppy. Although he passed, he never left my side. He is with me everyday of my life I know he is smiling down at everything At all of the important moments in my life. He is here with me I have constant reminder of his love for me Wrapped around my neck From when I wake up Till I go to sleep With me til I’m gone My Cross, My Poppy.

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