A Boy and HIs Family

March 22, 2018
By Anonymous

A boy and his family

Playing on the balcony
Until one day, tragedy

Soldiers marched through town
Up and back down
Without putting a single gun down
Women raped, men beaten and babies
Thrown up in the air and shot, by the crazies

Every person rounded up
Including that boy and his family
All everybody wanted to do was just wake up
From the agony

They were taken to a mysterious place
They soon realized that someone was trying to kill their race
That boy and his family would soon be seperated
And then terminated

“Women, children to the showers” a guard yelled
Lucky the boy got upheld
A mystery man pushed him to the other line
Where he could continue the bloodline

Now a boy and his dad
Who were feeling very sad
Worked to death
They couldn’t even take a breath
Slowly the 2 were starved
Then tragedy struck again
The boys father was beaten to death leaving the boy in pain

From a boy and his family
To a boy and his dad
To just a boy

NEVER AGAIN was the saying
But history is repeating itself
And people are trying to take it of the bookshelf
Bosnia where people tried to remove a whole society
Still the same raping, concentration camps, beating, which gives me and everyone anxiety
Instead of educating
People are attempting to erase it from history, making rape camps into hotels, which is devastating
Education should be priority
So that our prosperity
Don’t receive this cruel punishment.

So instead of people feeling sad
We need to change something
Make a difference
So there are not more genocides
And more innocent people dying
We should not say NEVER AGAIN and not mean it
NEVER AGAIN for real now.

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