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March 22, 2018
By VSensei BRONZE, Monks Corner, South Carolina
VSensei BRONZE, Monks Corner, South Carolina
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¨The most dysfunctional things are always the most fun, that´s why i´m so fun!¨ -Me

Let me tell you i´m tired

But never as tired as i am in my dreams

Nothing is nowhere and being fired

from real to fake, examineing the seams

of dream and reality

Shall the cycle end with me being free?

While sleeping about

i found no peice no doubt

Meditation and Medication don´t help

I´m in an endless sea

is this my perfect purgatory?

if it was i would ask why

i get no sleep no matter how hard i try

I´ll be hounest with you fore i can´t lie

Mr.Sandman stops all sleep coming to me

and fot it i can not pay his expensive fee

and i can´t teal any for i am not that sly

For the little i get, the deeper my debt

When i´m asked if i´m ready for bed i say: ¨all set!¨

With a fake smile upon my face

I walk up the stairs

and ponder my case

Showing no cares

Through the room

and to my doom

I see my door

As i reach for the handle

I´m chilled to my very core

as I touch this portal

my fake bravado is blown out like a candle

I give myself a small chortle

As i open the door and look upon my perfect bed

As i look at it i feel heavy and dead

closing my portal door

i walk towards my bed of lore

My body feeling tired and sore

I count the hours of sleep i´ve had this week 

A simple four

I lay on my bed feeling weak

I plug in my phone

and fall back

Will mrSandman, tonight, give me a loan?

The will to move i now lack

I´m finally asleep

These dreams I´ll keep

I´ve passed his hellish test

Finally Mr.Sandman has let me rest


Through the restless night i wake again

It´s Merely 12:30 

I lay there thinking of all my sin

looking at my horid past i feel so dirty

Mr.Sandman? loan has given out

I shall stay awake till 5 there? no other route

A storm is brewing

My sleep it wont be rueing

I fall unconscious once more 

Only to dream of horror

to hit the floor

as i wade through my dreams i feel like an explorer

I see fears and crazy things

Impossible feats and floating swings

A lucid adventure this does ot bring

but an awful pain and a horrible sting

As i hear a screech

an attaching bird just out of reach?

No just my alarm

sending me no harm

just waking me gently

yet i treat it differently

Turning it off as fast as i can

fore i am not a fan

It hurts to know Mr.Sandman has won again

putting me back in his dangerous reeality den

no matter what tricks up my sleeve

or help i receive

i always lose

Not able to get a simple snozze

Our next scuffle to close

As time slows

All i can hear is his signature tune

played on his double bassoon

giveing me such a fright

Iknow he´ll beat me again tonight

The author's comments:

A dramatic reading for my Speach & debate class

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