March 22, 2018
By brookrodgers BRONZE, Cinnaminson, New Jersey
brookrodgers BRONZE, Cinnaminson, New Jersey
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Rivers are physical
Rivers are the language of people
Rivers flow through me, yes, DNA
Feelings and emotions,
Temptations and kindnesses
Compassion, love,
Rivers have led me to this moment in my lifeĀ 
The blood in my veins
The memories in my brain
How I touch people around me, how they touch me
Rivers are connections that ignite every nerve in our bodies
Connecting us back to the first of time, connecting us physically and emotionally
My body is my river flowing back and forth
My heart beating every second
My brain receiving and responding
Yes, I am German, Irish, and Scottish
And I am my own person full of fire, sun, and electricity
That ignite the rivers and keeps them flowing
Keeps me going

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