Pure ecstasy

March 22, 2018

My visions are so deep. I see everything even when my eyes are barely open I'm crying for your help but you fail to see me Maybe your eyes are the ones really closed Wishing upon things that you can't change is unfair Falling gracefully into temptation; an uneven path of frustration , Despite of it all you continue to bury your thoughts and place them in mine.

Somehow everything we do ends up being our own fault and it's like no one else had a single clue , Deep down you're trying to be something your not and that's why all this built up anger is constantly confusing your soul and making you believe things differently
As we climb up that mountain we begin to feel ourselves slowly losing breath and it's hard to take a gasp of air because it's so thin
Our atmosphere is striking down on us , The things we have not done and places we wish to go are coming to a sad end
A fear of losing everything is rather common, but do we even take a chance of losing ourselves?
You are your only hope Once you confront with yourself all will be well
But you have to believe and you shall receive whatever you have wished for in this dearest world It's amazing how everything seems so clear now

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