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March 22, 2018
By J.Carter346 BRONZE, Forest Park Middle School, Illinois
J.Carter346 BRONZE, Forest Park Middle School, Illinois
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She was tired of feeling alone

She was tired of feeling like she was in a room all by herself when she was surrounded by a bunch of people

A bunch of people who claim they “understand”

These were supposed to be people that were supposed to always be her helping hand

But yet they had the slightest clue

The slightest clue of what she goes through on a day to day

The slightest clue that for the last year she has wanted nothing more than to just break away

Break away from the pain of yesterday and the stress of last week

And fast forward to the happiness of the future but she can’t because she can’t help feeling incomplete

Before she ouldn’t care less about people understanding her because she always had someone who did

And He was always around through thick and through thin

But the longing she had for just one more conversation

she just couldn’t begin to explain

She couldn’t even put those feelings into words and when she did she didn’t know who to gve the words too

Because people just didn’t understand

She was tired of having all those talks with people and still feeling the same but she rather feel alone than have to replace that feeling with shame

The shame of blaming the world for such a human thing

that everyone goes through and knows about without much teaching


Death was the cause of her loneliness and I couldn’t fix it if she tried

She’s been feeling extremely lonely since March 24, 2017 the day her granddaddy died.

The author's comments:

I wrote this for a school poetry slam and I wanted my poem to mean something. I know that sometimes people go through loss and I tried to depict the feelings that have been on repeat since the day I lost him and I feel this was the best way to express myself.

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