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The odd one’s out

March 22, 2018
By Anonymous

I’m the odd one out,
At least that’s what they say
But I don’t care one bit about what they think.

Day one of school

As I walk down the hall,
I can feel their eyes burning hOles
Into the back of my head.
But I still don’t care that they glare at my clothes.

Day three of school

Walking to my next class
I hear a soft giggle
Then another as I walk on by
But I don’t care if they laugh at my shoes... right?

Day five of school

During gym I do my best
But still get teased because my best isn’t ‘good enough’
And that I’m fat as a whale and.... I think I should stop there
Cause I still don’t... do I?

Day seven of school

Walking to lunch with my lunchbox in hand
I look for a place to sit ( and maybe make a friend? )
But instead of inviting me over with a wave or a smile
Everyone stares at me like I’ve come from another world
So instead I find a                                                                             seat alone
And cry.

Week two day two of school

Head down, don’t look at anyone

Week two day four of school

Why do I care about them?

Week two day six of school

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
Why is my head full of what-ifs and why? Why?

          Why do I have to be so different?
           Why do I even care?

Week two day seven of school

It’s finally friday, my favorite day
Because on that day
I can sit in my room
In silence
With my book
By myself
And no one to make fun of me


Outside on the park
By myself on the swings
People stare as they walk past
By myself until... who’s that?
Another person wearing rainbow shoes and a T-shirt
But I thought that...
They said....
Why me....


Back at the park alone on the swings
Hoping to see that the person has realized
That if the don’t change
They’ll get made fun of

Monday morning

Waiting for the bus
As I go to choose a seat people move away
like Moses and the Red Sea.
Then I see her
Wearing the same shoes
And the same t-shirt
But there was a BIG difference
She wasn’t being teased
Wasn’t being shunned
So I balled my fists
Sat down
And decided to hate her for them.

First class
She walks in and is treated like royalty for being so unique
The poisons of hate stab at my heart

Second class

I walk in just like she did
But instead of joyful laughter
I just get laughed at
And I look at her
And she looks away
Scared that I might see her cry

Third class

I sit right next to her
She try’s to say hi
But I don’t listen
Because it’s not fair
It’s not fair

Fourth class

I skip out on gym ( again ) and go to the library
I take out my book and push all the thoughts away
Until she walks in
And she asks why I’m sitting alone
And I say that I don’t mind
Even though I do

Fifth class

I play my cello like I’ve always have
Bowing to the way I feel
At the end of the song
I realize that I’ve been playing by myself
But instead of mocking laughter
I hear clapping
And the only person clapping
Is her.


Back in solitude
With my sandwich
And I hear her asking if she can sit nexttome
And now at lunch when I sit in my seat
I’m no longer sitting alone.

Sixth period

Doing geometry ( how do you do it? )
Or maybe calculus ( why is this important )
I’m left in the dust ( confused as usual )
Until she walks up to me
And helps me
And I get the first A
That I’ve gotten in a

Last period

Hormones are things in us
That make is not act like us
But that’s no excuse
For them to treat me
Like I’m not there.
Monday afternoon

On the bus I sit by myself
Having an unusually good day
And as I prepare to sit alone once again
She asks to sit by me
And as she sits
I feel like tomorrow is going to be a good day


I walk on the bus and I ignore the sneers and mockery
Because I don’t care what they think and I don’t care what they think
Cause now instead of being the odd one out
Me and her
We are
The odd two out

The author's comments:

What really inspired me to write this poem was to let people know that when you silently judge me and others for being different, we do realize what your doing, and I really think that it should stop being a problem for oddballs and misfits like me to have a hard time fitting in to a community in our world.

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