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March 21, 2018
By NotaRobot GOLD, Orange, New Jersey
NotaRobot GOLD, Orange, New Jersey
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pitta pitta pah pitta-pah/pitta pitta pah
pitta-pah/pitta pitta pah pitta-pah/pitta pitta pah pitta-pah


puts the thump under my jaw, plays hopscotch on the rungs of my ribcage

steady drum beats won’t sync up to the
percussion of the dark bloodied palpitations
heart/pulp stuck in my lungs
coughy-caw caulky caked concrete kicked up on pink tissue
makes my chest heavy, lay in bed for a while

heart/to heart
talk to me, tricky tongue tastes like tar, have a tic tac; talk; tongue tackling tact, idiot
i get so heart/tied when i’m out there with you all alone
they say beat. means to pause

in plays, but in prose i don’t think it is
the same
when i beat, i don’t stop
i only beat harder and harder, like the sun that beats down hard into my eyes but now i look weird, don’t i, just squinting and trying
to smile and talk too, what an idiot, be quiet
my heart/bleeds for you
it’s so hard, just going out there and trying to make you happy while my heart’s skin is sore scarring, scandalous seen in scarlet, don’t let them see, man, stuff it back
in there.
and scene.
that’s a wrap for my performance
i wish words like this could be said outright, outside, words about the loudness
of a boy’s heart
pitter patter in my chest
arteries worm in and around a dark aching mass
wrapped in sheets so sweaty
i am heart/broken
pitta pah/pahpah
oh, i’ve lost the rhythm
all of me, all you, all thumbs, always, alright,
from the top

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