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March 21, 2018
By itsmeeeeeeeeeeee GOLD, Weston, Florida
itsmeeeeeeeeeeee GOLD, Weston, Florida
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Buzz! I looked at my phone
“there’s a shooter in my school zone”
panic anxiety fear and angst grew
as I tried to get a hold of you

I never thought sending you to school was wrong
please forgive me for what is going on
the news tells me that many are dead
they were undeservingly shot in the head

why aren’t you answering me
the police is letting the shooter flee
i can’t live this life without your face
all i want right now is your embrace

but now i see your face on the news
all because of society’s gun overuse

The author's comments:

Like I said in my other piece, I live 20 minutes from Majory Stoneman Douglass, and am haunted by the event that occurred on February 14. Please register to vote, we need change.

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