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Why is it that way

March 21, 2018
By Anonymous

You know how most women go to the bathroom in groups Or hold each other hair up when the hooch doesn’t settle right in the paunch. I always asked myself why even though I’m a girl I wouldn’t do that why would you want to hold a stranger's hair. What did they ever do for me?

Stereotypes say that men are more dominant so it’s better 2 weeks against 1 strong then there is 1 week against 1 strong.

Why can’t that small deed that made a big difference last night be applied to today? Why that deed only has to be applied after 9.

Saying is why is everyone at each other throats? It’s like a lion against an ant, everyone stands alone and has no help.

How come the poor are the ones willing to give a hand and the rich are willing to take it although it’s the poor last hand and the rich has 50 others.
     It’s not clear and I don’t need 20/20 vision to see that.
I like humble people I don’t care about your salary or your next month’s bonus. As long as I can have a conversation.
    We can have a conversation, we can relate to each other and when I tell you about my success you don’t smoosh it. You give me my 5 seconds of feeling accomplished. You also don’t try to surpass what I did out the pettiness of your heart.

Just hold my hair and rub my back and I would do the same If I got it you got it
If you need a hand I got 2 and I am willing to give you 1 if you would too.

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Why are people so cruel

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