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March 21, 2018
By Anonymous

While I’m sitting here in the bathtub listening listening to the water droplets hit the water as if it were a race my mind is is heavy my heart is swollen how many times you’ve played with it poked at it whispered sweet nothings painting a beautiful picture but that’s all it was “a picture “ life itself is so dark I can’t see I put my hands out to find you but you were never found because you were seeking something else ,I don’t know what exactly,there’s a knock at the door hearing through my thought process it all brings me back to her you know that girl you loved or at least I think what do you want from me feeling like I’m a lost stone in the dirt that he seems amazed by or he just sees it doesn’t mind being walked on a million times because it never moves out of the same spot what do you want from me I will never know his lips move but I hear nothing because that’s what his actions say NOTHING a blank expression will get me through life being dead inside but being able to live at the same time emotions are out of the question unless I rather die of a broken heart cause this will live on forever this will never change this is the way of life for you this is all for keep breaking me time after time

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