January 23, 2018
By , Louisville , KY

This idiot is contacting your friends.
He will try to get one of them to tell you to talk to him,
Fight against it,
Don’t listen.

Code red
This psycho egged your car.
He committed a crime,
Clearly, he’s pissed you won’t talk to him,
Be careful.

This loser is trying to meet up with you.
You don’t want to see him,
He will manipulate you,
Don’t go.

Your abuser wants to get back with you.
He doesn’t love you,
He isn’t sorry for what he did,
Don’t trust him.

He’s trying to contact you any way he can.
Ignore him,
Push him out of your life,
Don’t respond.

This creep won’t stop until he gets what he wants.
Keep an eye out,
Be strong,
Don’t give him what he wants.

Stay as far away as possible.
He’s crazy,
He’s obsessive,
Watch out.

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Gayatri3 said...
today at 12:26 pm
This is beautiful. This is true. Wow. It's structure is unique.
Gayatri3 replied...
today at 12:27 pm
Its* that was a typo
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