Good Bye

January 17, 2018
By Anonymous

He trapped me in his fragile mind
His web of sorrows and pain
I did not know what to do,
Because I did not know he was insane
Behind his mask he hid his lie
I thought I was prepared
But my collapse says it all
All I can do is cry
His threats are rusty anchors
Used to keep me down
I hate him for hypnotizing me
For conditioning me to his frown
He harms me
He haunts me
He kills me
So I am sending him away
Goodbye to the crazy boy
In hell I hope he stays

The author's comments:

In the past, I often found myself trapped in toxic webs. Whether they were weaved by my own wild mind or conjured by a bad influence, they would send me into a very bad place. I have only recently reached a state of mind where I am at peace with myself. When I have shifts in perspective, like this one, I like to reflect. With poetry, you can be completely honest. These words that I have strung together display a deep honesty within me. I hope that whoever reads this can find a beauty in my words and take away their own message. Thanks for reading.

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