March 25, 2018
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Is it wrong for me to look at life from a perspective that sings unbalance?
Is it awful to feel that I am not worth love, time, care from those around me?
Is it low of me to see that people are not whom they portray themselves to be rather than the mask they masquerade as their lives?
Is it pretentious of me to put on a smile that hides my feelings, pains, depression all to please and not to be appreciated?
Is it strange of me to keep shut and let people trample all over me like a carpet that’s unseen?
Is it bad that I lack trust, waiting for the day that I will be thrown away like 2 weeks old garbage by the people who care?
Is it mind blowing that I feel love is but a front to deceive people to mix passion, love and lust all in one?
Is it painful of me that I still dwell on my past, thinking about my mistakes and wishing nothing more than for it to be better?
Is it weird of me to have all these thoughts and still have the strength to move forward feeling that each thought makes me stronger to push forward past the obstacles that may stand before me?
Now these are the thoughts that sometimes allude my mind and its personal space keeping in check and in place tho reducing my self esteem with each passing day although am not complaining for I feel what I feel.



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