March 2, 2018

an act of taking one's life
hated by all
despised by law
you did this
we were all appalled
crimson blood
dripping all over the place
the body with slashes
cuts so deep
it's now defaced
the murderer guilty
labeled now as a disgrace
his body no longer warm
due to all the harm
the corpse now cold
you'd want everything to halt
he stared into your eyes
full of fear
you caused such despair
we couldn't bare
he asked if he deserved this
if he was unworthy
for dear life
he begged for mercy
yet you still killed him
his lips now discolored
a shade of blue
you'd wish this wasn't true
he never made a last adieu

you'd hope for a way
that somehow
he could be back
for just another
this just wasn't fair
for he's not here
with us
with me
don't fear
don't shed another tear
for in your heart
he did not depart
he still has a

The author's comments:

i was inspired by my favorite show, dexter.

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