What she feels

March 9, 2018
By Marisa99 BRONZE, Rutland, Massachusetts
Marisa99 BRONZE, Rutland, Massachusetts
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You ask her what is wrong, she says she’s doing fine.
When really she’s ashamed,dark thoughts lingering throughout her mind.
You ask her why she’s wearing bracelets,she says it’s a fashion trend.
When really it’s a method to make the pain end.
She use to be happy when she was very small.
Now she can’t stand herself,her personality, looks and all.
She doesn't have that much patience, for this anymore.
She doesn’t know why she’s still here or what she’s even useful for.
She wants to say she’s sorry for all that she has done.
For giving up on everything, but this world is no longer fun.
She wants you to look a little deeper behind the words I write.
If you pay attention closely you’ll realize my mind is kinda an ugly sight.
You can try to make me feel better, but nothing else will do.
Nothing can numb the pain or change my attitude.
So what if i'm sad, i’ll be just fine.
Just wait a little while, everything will fall into line.
You can’t fix the damage that has already been done.
Her mind is a dark tunnel and her body is numb.
Cut after cut, tear after tear, her mind is going crazy that she can no longer bare.
She needs some help but is too afraid to ask.
Don’t be too late because the pain always lasts.
Don’t let her take her final breath, because she’s too young and beautiful to welcome death.

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