The Ones Who Raised Me

March 20, 2018
By Anonymous

I am from “clean your room”,
Every other day.
Cuddles and hugs.
Homemade dinners,
To lure us from the den.

I am from movie quotes,
“I’ve never seen the beginning”
Springsteen concerts,
Belting the chorus.
Born into sarcasm.

I am from “are you sure?”
Everything’s a competition.
Let me help you,
You’re never alone.
Laughs at nothing but a look.

I am from neat freaks,
And slobs.
A weekend away,
Means a tower of dishes.
Hand sanitizer and pinesol in the air.

I am from “mind your p’s and q’s”,
Always say please and thank you,
Apologize for anything you can.
I’ll love you no matter what,
And saying it too often.

I am from the ones who raised me,
I am from home.

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