March 20, 2018
By Anonymous

Curiosity will not cause us to die.
It helps us live.

What are we if not curious?
It makes us human.
It drives our invention.
It drives our art.

Curiosity is a refuge.
We find shelter from
For those people know not of the sweet song curiosity sings.
Curiosity is like
It calls to those who dream
and to those who think.

Curiosity is a thought.
It’s a feeling.
It’s a mindset.
Without it, where would we be?
We would have no time,
no science,
no math,
no electricity.
We wouldn’t understand others
or who we really are.
Where we came from
would be lost.
Who knows where we
would go.
Curiosity does not cause us to die.
It helps us live.

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