Rainy Truck, How It Began, and Mom And Dad

March 19, 2018
By dana72800 BRONZE, Royal Oak, Michigan
dana72800 BRONZE, Royal Oak, Michigan
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I sit there in my truck
seeing all the kamikaze rain droplets
crashing into everything,
the ground, cars, everything,
covering my windshield with little
dots of water in  quicktime.

Puddles being made from
little groups of droplets to decent sized ponds.
All the falling while somethings rising.

The orange temp needle goes up very slowly like a
bright lively sunrise on a normal
no cloud type of day. Rising and rising
until it hits its tallest point and then stops.

Watching that needle while
smelling the good budget smell of black ice car scent
that gives memories from back when I was the passenger.

Feeling the dampness of the clothing
and the damp air heating up inside the truck
like an angry person.
Some heat from the big motor getting warmed up
gets pushed to inside the truck to keep me comfortable
and happy.

The little bit of fog on the windows have faded away
with the cold and the truck is ready for the day.



                  2.HOW IT BEGAN
    How it began, how it all began,
it's no different from every person,
now matter how rich or poor,
weak or strong,
it's all the same.

Starts out with us crying
for the want of our first breath
and to bring  the world of of
good and bad,
lies and truth,
pride and shame to us.

We get seperated from our mother
that we’ve been with for nine months.
We saw our first glimpse of the light
that connected us with the world
for the first time and saw
the beings of mask and white that helped you
disconnect from “your mothership” in terms.

We start with us saying our first sounds
and eventually words that bring us to
the world of language and fancy words and cuss words.

We take our first step into the world
of walking and running
that we use
everyday and is a necessity of people.

We start our first friendships and
start our first crushes and relationships
that happens in our everyday life.

Day by day,
we  stop the growing
and start the fading away and growing old.


                         3.MOM AND DAD
Mom and dad.
No parents like you.
No parents as good as you.
Only you both have saw the things I saw.

Only you both are   have gone threw what I have gone threw.
You guys are the ones who have gone threw me
getting in an accident with a Cadillac in the rain with the “bad tires”.

You didn’t just go threw it with me,
you helped me get threw it.
You are the ones who have gone threw me driving on Woodward
and  two deer
jump out in front of my car.
You are the ones who helped me go threw seeing my car
smashed from the impact when I hit the deer.

You are the ones who have also gone through the good with me too.
Like my first at Adams Elementary when they tore down Starr school.
You were the most happiest
when I got my drivers license. You were sad that your “little baby”,
(your favorite name for me),
is growing up but your were happy for me.

You both have spoiled me rotten and you will continue
until you can’t no more. You have especially spoiled when
I got my license by giving me a truck and sometimes not even needed gas money.

I may seem mad sometimes and back mouth but,
I know, no matter what,
you will be there for me.
When I’m in trouble.
When I get married.
When I have  jr..
Even when you will be with the man upstairs,
you will always be there, looking out for me,
Mom and Dad.

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